• Featured Franchise this month: Star Wars

  • Featured Franchise this month: Star Wars

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  • 4+ items from your favorite pop culture franchises
  • A t-shirt every month and more licensed and exclusive items
  • Collectibles, gear, figures and more – $45+ value in every crate

Your crate will arrive between December 20-30 if you order by December 19 at 9pm PT.

Every month, we pick a unifying concept or idea that ties together all of the month’s franchises and items. This month's theme is Explore.

This Month's Featured Franchises


Epic Loot from Your Favorite Movies, Games & Shows

December's Theme is

Whatever you’re looking for, you won’t find it standing still. Get out there and EXPLORE!

EXPLORE Ends 12/19 at 9pm PT







Loot Crate Rocks! Here’s Why!

A monthly mystery crate for pop culture fans filled with incredible and exclusive items and apparel from your favorite tv shows, movies, games, and more! Over $45 value in every crate!

  • Cool Collectibles

    Cool Collectibles

    The best and most exclusive licensed figures, t-shirts, home goods, and more!

  • Gift of Geek

    Gift of Geek

    Treat yourself every month or give the gift of geeking out to a friend or loved one!

  • Cancel Anytime

    Cancel Anytime

    Cancel your subscription at any time! Or feel free to skip a month and start back up later!

Past Crates


August 2017

August Kingdom

In This 100% EXCLUSIVE Crate: Legend of Zelda Link 8-Bit Map Tee, Adventure Time “Nice King” & Gunter Figure, Lord of the Rings Color Changing Glass, Lord of the Rings Art Print and the August ‘17 Pin.

July Animation

In This Crate: Rick and Morty Figure, Bob’s Burgers Burger Recipe Box, Futurama Slurm Drink Koozie Set, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles T-Shirt and the July ‘17 Pin.

June Alter-Ego

In This All-EXCLUSIVE Crate: Spider-Man Webslinger Q-Fig Variant, Hulk Bowl, Transformers G1 Optimus Prime T-Shirt, DC Comics Mini-Poster Book and the June ‘17 Pin.

May Guardians

In This Crate: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Rocket & Groot Q-Fig, Goonies T-Shirt, Loot Crate Edition Star Wars Adult Coloring Book and Colored Pencils, Destiny Patches and the May ‘17 Pin.

Loot Crate Videos

Never See This Face Again

This Holiday Season, put gift-giving into your own hands by being a holiday hero and subscribing to Loot Crate.

Santa Sucks

Santa sucks, but gift giving doesn't have to. Loot Crate delivers mind-blowing, totally not home-destroying, pop culture gear and collectibles all year round! Become a Holiday Hero and gift someone Loot Crate today.


He takes your cookies, your milk, and now… (shudder)… your mom. Santa sucks! But gift giving doesn’t have to. Get awesome pop culture gear delivered all year round with Loot Crate, the perfect gift for every fan on your list!

Nerd Therapy Unboxes April "Investigate" Crate

Watch Nerd Therapy unbox the April "Investigate" Crate, featuring Marvel’s Jessica Jones Q-Fig, Stranger Things T-Shirt, Batman Heat-Changing Mug, X-Files Quote Pencils and the April ‘17 Pin.

  • Never See This Face Again

  • Santa Sucks


  • Nerd Therapy Unboxes April "Investigate" Crate

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