• March 2017 Crate Featuring Shepherd Book
  • What's that make them? Little Damn Heroes!
  • The best gorram loot in the 'Verse
  • Apparel, figures and more!

March 2017 Crate Featuring Shepherd Book

  • March 2017 Crate Featuring Shepherd Book
  • Sudden but shiny unboxing
  • What's that make them? Little Damn Heroes!
  • The best gorram loot in the 'Verse
  • Apparel, figures and more!

Firefly Cargo Crate

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MÁS ENVÍO Y GESTIÓNGastos de envío y gestión incluídos

  • 4-6 Gorram awesome items in every crate
  • $65+ in Retail Value
  • Exclusive Firefly Collectibles & Gear

Your crate should arrive between the 1st and 10th of every even-numbered month.

Every crate, we pick a unifying concept or idea from the ‘Verse that ties together all of that crate’s franchises and items.


This Crate's Theme is

It’s been two years and we’re STILL FLYING so we’re capping off the first season of the Firefly Cargo Crate with a mighty fine shindig celebrating your favorite big damn heroes! Join the crew for a stylish T-Shirt and more!

Order by 3/15 at 9pm PT.

Supplies are limited.

¡LA MEJOR CAJA DEL UNIVERSO! ¡He aquí por qué!

Recorrimos el universo en busca de la mejor colección de artículos oficiales de Firefly, incluyendo figuras brillantes, prendas de vestir atractivas y mucho más. Inscríbete para recibir una entrega bimestral de carga de Serenity.

  • Cool Collectibles

    Cool Collectibles

    The best and most exclusive licensed figures, t-shirts, home goods, and more!

  • Gift of Geek

    Gift of Geek

    Treat yourself every other month or give the gift of geeking out to a friend or loved one!

  • Cancel Anytime

    Cancel Anytime

    Cancel at any time! But with shiny cargo in each crate, you may not want to!

Past Crates

Going Mad

July 2017

July Going Mad

Doctor. Fugitive. For SIMON TAM, this must be what going mad feels like and this exclusive cargo commemorates that nicely!



No power in the ‘Verse can stop RIVER TAM or this shiny cargo! Also, she can kill you with her brain.

River logo


We can live on packaged cargo from here ‘til Judgment Day because we’ve got SHEPHERD BOOK on board (and more than enough rosemary)!

The Worthier Part Logo


We’re going to the special hell with the bao-making “devil woman” known as SAFFRON (… aka Yolanda aka Bridget)!

FF YSB logo

Incoming Wave


Written for fans and by fans who are inspired by the cult sci-fi series "Firefly". An exciting new look at this beloved world featuring a new crew, a new ship and a heaping dose of misbehavin’!

Q&A With Tim Minear

Jennifer Wenger sits down with Tim Minear to talk Firefly, American Horror Story, what creative role he enjoys doing most, biggest fears, and more!

The Nerf Herder "Serenity" Unboxing

Nerf Herder unboxes the November 2016 Firefly Cargo Crate


  • Q&A With Tim Minear

  • The Nerf Herder "Serenity" Unboxing


$34,99 más gastos de envío