Date 20XX

May Power

From the world of Warcraft, all over the Marvel Universe, and beyond, we collected the most unstoppable, unrelenting and unbeatable loot featuring pop culture’s most powerful characters and franchises.

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April Quest

Through winding roads and magical lands, across the seas and down into ancient catacombs, we traveled far and wide for legendary items celebrating pop culture's best quest-based franchises.

March Versus

We placed our bet on some of pop culture's greatest rivalries, from Batman vs Superman to Punisher vs Daredevil and more!

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February Dead

We swarmed the homes of Looters, overrunning them with items from the Merc with the Mouth's solo film and The Walking Dead!

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What our Looters Say

  • I won't open my crate unless I have time to enjoy and dig in


  • The May fantasy-themed crate was like epic-level awesome!


  • You guys make my month. I’m Cyped for the Cyber Crate!