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My Favorite Crates

Loot Crate offers many excellent crate choices that fit all styles of fandom. Check out my personal two favorites below! If these two aren’t for you, click the Shop All Crates link to see all their awesome offerings!

  • influencer-core-crate Loot Crate

    A monthly mystery crate for pop culture fans that comes packed with incredible and exclusive collectibles and apparel from your favorite tv shows, movies, games, and more! Over $50 value in every crate!

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  • influencer-page-dx-evergreen Loot Crate DX

    The premium crate experience! Taking the excellence of Loot Crate to the next level with a higher-caliber assortment of collectibles, apparel, home goods, and more. A $100+ value in every crate!

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  • Overwatch Loot Gaming

    Own a piece of the biggest and best gaming universes. Receive licensed figures, collectibles, apparel, and more from classic, modern, and newly released video games. Over $60 value in every crate!

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  • Halo Legendary Crate Halo Legendary Crate

    Join Spartan Fireteam Apollo with the Halo Legendary Crate: a mystery subscription service delivering 5-7 EXCLUSIVE collectibles from the biggest moments in the Halo universe.

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