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HALO Legendary Crate - Welcome to Fireteam Apollo

  • HALO Legendary Crate - Welcome to Fireteam Apollo
  • Halo Crate and Figures
  • Halo Crate Previous Items
  • Arbiter, Previous Item
  • Master Chief, Previous Item

Halo Legendary Crate

/ crate

Plus Shipping and HandlingShipping and Handling included

  • 5-7 exclusive collectibles from the biggest moments in the Halo universe
  • Includes a new figure line specially made just for this crate
  • Apparel, in-game content, and other UNSC-approved loot, every 2 months.

Your crate should arrive between the 1st and 10th of every odd-numbered month.

Every crate, we pick a unifying concept or event from the Halo Universe that ties together all of that crate’s items.

Microsoft Studios, 343 Industries

This Crate's Theme is


Return to the climactic events of Halo 3 as the Master Chief rushes to stop the Covenant from completing THE GREAT JOURNEY and wiping out all sentient life in the galaxy. Finish the fight with an EXCLUSIVE Halo Icons Figure, T-Shirt and more!

Order by 12/15 at 9pm PT.

Supplies are limited.

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The ultimate crate for Halo fans! Here's why!

We’re outfitting Spartans with new, UNSC-approved supply crates filled with exclusive Halo figures, apparel, collectibles, in-game items & more every two months:

  • Exclusive Halo Figures

    Exclusive Halo Figures

    The only place to find the Halo Icons figure line! Collect and connect them all!

  • Join Fireteam Apollo

    Join Fireteam Apollo

    Get inducted into Fireteam Apollo, a new team of Spartan-IVs with access to EXCLUSIVE content!

  • Epic Prizes

    Epic Prizes

    Members are automatically entered to win the Halo Mythic Crate prize pack!

Past Crates


June 2017


Commemorate humanity’s losses on Reach with: Halo Icons Hunter Figure, “Stay Glassy” T-Shirt, Emile-A239 Armor Apron, Data Drop Files, Noble Team Pin and BONUS Halo 5: Guardians REQ Pack.

June Crate Wallpaper


Relive the bloody civil war between the Brutes and Elites with: Halo Icons Arbiter Figure, Sgt. Johnson Replica Hat, Great Schism Boxing Poster Tee, Gravity Hammer Bottle Opener, Data Drop Files, Bonecracker Pin & Halo Wars 2 Blitz Pack

April's Crate Wallpaper


The official crate of Halo Wars 2 is here with: Halo Icons Atriox Figure, Halo Wars 2 Mouse Pad, Spartan Helmet Stress Ball, Banished Baseball Tee, Data Drop Files,Banished Pin, Halo Wars 2 Blitz Pack

Halo Atriox Wallpaper

December Halo Conflict

Celebrate the 15th anniversary of Halo with: Halo Icons Master Chief Figure, Plasma Sword Letter Opener, Captain Keyes T-Shirt, Plasma Grenade Mug, Halo Classic Medal Pin, Halo 5: Guardians REQ Pack, Sticker Shock Set, Data Drop Files

Halo Conflict Wallpaper

Halo Icons Figure Line

Learn all about our new figure line, celebrating the most iconic pieces of the Halo universe and available EXCLUSIVELY in the Halo Legendary Crate!

What are you waiting for?

$34.99 plus shipping and handling